Intercultural Sensitivity is all around

Lithuania National unijon of Students  was partner on European Seminar for developing...

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Time to place students at the heart of learning and foster an inclusive society in Europe

BRUSSELS –How can Europe improve teaching and learning? What are the effects...

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ESU calls on the European Commission to exclude both public and private education from TTIP

In 2013 the governments of the  European Union (EU) member states mandated...

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Students review the globalisation of higher education in Europe

KAUNAS – International students should not be considered as a source of...

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Unity of students in Baltics is a must!

TALLINN/RIGA – Representatives of Council and National office of the Lithuanian National...

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Study: Three out of Four Students Notice Cheating in a Formal Academic Exercise

VILNIUS – Lithuanian National Union of Students (Lietuvos studentų sąjunga – LSS)...

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